Get Involved

Getting involved is simple.  You can help serve your community by helping the supporters of the Heather Burns Memorial Scholarship Fund (HBMSF) by assisting deserving students finance their college education while bringing awareness to the Sickle Cell Anemia Disease.  


You can help in three ways:  making a monetary donation, volunteering your time, or contributing to our Wish List.


Money Donations

Help us make a difference in the lives of students with Sickle Cell Anemia Disease, Life Threatening Diseases, and students facing financial hardship  All donations are used to fund Scholarship, programs at HBMSF.


You can donate by:


♦  Clicking on the "Donate" button to pay by PayPal, Credit Card, or

    Debit Card 


♦ Send a check or money order to: 

   Heather Burns Memorial Scholarship Fund

   1159 N. Detroit Ave.

   Tulsa, OK  74106 




Volunteer Your Time

Volunteering your time can be rewarding.  There are so many areas where HBMSF can use your help. Fundraising activities are an important way to raise money for our scholarship.  You can help by volunteering on one of our fundraising committees:


♦ 5K Walk

♦ Raffle Tickets

♦ Food Auction

♦ Garage Sale

♦ Breakfast Fundraiser

♦ Bake Sales

♦ Chili Bowl Sales

♦ Fish Fry Fridays


Wish List

Donations can come in many forms.  Donating products is also helpful and very much appreciated.  A list of products needed by HBMSF are listed below:


♦  Printer Ink

♦  Typing Paper

♦  Ink Pens

♦  Stamps

♦  Thank You Cards

♦  Time (Volunteers Needed)